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Workshop: Ansible Scripts and bwCloud Roadshow

In this workshop we would like to present the possiblities that bwCloud offers, show how to work with it and explain the framework within which it operates. The focus will lie on practical application possibilities of the bwCloud and how you, as a user, can realize your projects with Dashboard and API.

  • Workshop
Wann 27.11.2019
von 14:00 bis 18:00
Wo Computer Center/ -100
Kontakttelefon +98641
Teilnehmer Anmeldung nur über den HISinOne Link
Termin übernehmen vCal

As part of internal training, the bwCloud admins will hold conduct a workhop, including a presentation, on the various application possiblities of the bwCloud SCOPE. For this date you must register through the internal training (link will follow as soon as possible).

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